Gerald Bosacker commenced his second and most satisfying career as a word weaver and tale teller, recounting his life experiences in frank but moralistic short stories in the style of O'Henry and old fashioned rhymed poetry, focused on the wry or humorous twist of life and circumstance. Beginning a career so challenging at sixty, was brazen to someone at the peak and teasing with decline in corporate business, without immunity to rejection of editors and readers. His early years as a printer, then graphic arts salesman were good grounding for that minimal success facing new writers. Fifteen years into that retirement,   Bosacker has written and published nine books displaying his efforts.  They are all offered here, with the hope that they will merit your reading attention and give you as much pleasure as the author found in writing and publishing them.  This book sale was disappointingly inefficient!  I am not too proud to refuse any sincere suggestions.

Selling at a the above book festival  was expensive, ineffective and disappointingly inefficient, except for the three big name authors who drew all of the crowd.  Help me make this internet page a successful venue for a newcoming author.  The six books inconsequentially displayed above are all availble here at the lowest price from BosackerBooks, with browsing options or downloadable e-books.  Lets get acquainted!  Check out these samples...








bn.COM Enjoy CONFESSIONS OF A MAD POET with the wry and whimsical rhymes of an ancient poet, trapped and now living in the modern time.  The author annotates the poetry with sardonic wit  and brash chutzpah. more wit and wisdom in rhyme, in WRYMES FOR TROUBLING TIMES  by this prize-winning poet. Gerald Bosacker's wry but light-hearted poetry with much similarity to Jonathan Swift and Ogden Nash. Savor the sardonic wit, laugh at problems we can't solve and help change them by humor. EDownload AVENGED with eighteen masterfully told twisted tales of retribution and justice by a poet who is also a prize tale teller.